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Haiti – Feminist Series 3, A Theology of Liberation: Interview with Madam Euvonie Auguste of Famm Voudou pou Ayiti

This interview is a reblog from my first visit to Haiti in 2007.  

One of the first women I spoke to was Voudou Priestess, Madame Evonne Auguste – an amazing beautiful woman with a presence yet warm and purposeful. Madame Auguste is a member of Famm Voudou pou Ayiti (Voudou Women for Ayiti). In the interview she explains that Voudou is both a religion and a philosophy and speaks about the relationship between voudou and liberation theology. She also discusses the some of the reasons behind the demonetisation of the religion and why Famm Voudou pou Ayiti want to establish their own school.

Madam Euvonie Auguste

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The Spirits of Water – Earth Day and the rights of Nature 

The Spirits of Water - Earth Day and the rights of Nature

International Women of Colour Day: Celebrating Réa Dol

On International Women of Colour Day I celebrate all the women of colour who consistently work towards social justice across the world. In particular I would like to honour the work of Haitian community activist and founder of SOPUDEP School, Réa Dol and ALL the Haitian women and girls who have self-organised in their communities in the aftermath of the earthquake. Although initially it was thought the school would survive, two weeks after the earthquake it had to be abandoned. At the time the school was being used as a shelter but the stench of dead bodies which had not been removed together with internal structural damage meant it was no longer felt to be safe. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake Réa opened her home as a refuge and hospital to the homeless and wounded and she is now in charge of sanitization and medical distribution for a camp of 16,000 people located beside the National Palace. Altogether there are 26 locations where SOPUDEP staff have distributed food, water and medical help with very little help from the big agencies. All the food they have distributed was bought by SOPUDEP which has cost them $18,000 so far [See distribution table below].

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