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  • The research project on the West African Pentecostal Diasporas in Italy started in the 2008 and addresses the social impact of African Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in European cities and societies shaped by Catholicism. This approach is applied to the case study of Nigerian and Ghanaian churches in Italy where the Catholic Church plays key roles in social and aesthetic domination.

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  • What is more disturbing than Holomisa and Contralesa’s position on what he calls the “condition” of homosexuality is that this bigoted ignorance is peddled as somehow representative of the traditional values of the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa and perhaps Africa. It is conveniently presented as an authentically “African” world view, to cunningly suggest that any other understanding of this issue is somehow “unAfrican”. This is nothing less than subtle cultural extortion by a band of aristocrats clamouring for relevance and survival. They use the lack of education and exposure of their “subjects” to steal the identity of millions for personal gain.

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  • I don’t believe that President Jonathan understands half of what I have been telling you about. I don’t think that he has a truthful appreciation of the circumstances. I think he is very much some kind of an optimist; he believes certain politicial largesse or panacea here and there will solve this enormous problem. I think he is counting too much on the fact that yes, indeed, there are strongly committed loyalists to his regime from the troubled parts of the country, and ideally that is enough.

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    In the Loop is our monthly experimental — not really a — newsletter which features highlights from our Twitter feed and updates on what we’ve been up to at Tactical Tech.

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