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  • Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations — Chris Hedges’ Columns — Truthdig“This is an era of hypocrisy,” Malcolm X said. “When white folks pretend that they want Negroes to be free, and Negroes pretend to white folks that they really believe that white folks want ’em to be free, it’s an era of hypocrisy, brother. You fool me and I fool you. You pretend that you’re my brother and I pretend that I really believe you believe you’re my brother tags: OccupyMovement Colonization
  • Haïti, Africa, Aristide: The history of one humanityThis charitable act with the English acronym ‘R2P’ kills two birds with one stone. Right to Protect is the right of military intervention which has been granted to the greatest military powers on the planet in order to protect their interests under the guise of protecting against violations of human rights. In reality, these so-called humanitarian interventions enable the sales of arms and the maintenance of arms production industries (known generically today as ‘security’, an emotionally manipulable concept of the survival instinct, but one that works well to liquidate humanity collectively.) tags: haïti history humanity Occupation
  • “We will not be saved by white anti-racism” | Rue89Already visible in public debate for some time, a double counting of the colonial question and the issue of race has emerged first in the academic field and, more recently, in political controversies. Interventions Robine and Fassin we seem all the more valuable they are expressed in a manner now uninhibited on the columns of mainstream media. tags: France Anti-Racism Racism Whiteness
  • Kony’s waiting gameBut there is still a general lack of information about the LRA, where it came from, and why it has managed to maintain a presence in three different countries. By providing a concise overview of the group, this paper attempts to bring clarity to some of these questions. It explains how what began as a local northern Ugandan spiritual movement evolved into the LRA, how it later shifted its area of operation to neighbouring countries, and eventually how it  - more recently — has become a largely causeless organisation but has managed to remain active in the region. tags: kony2012 LRA Uganda Analysis
  • Crisis in Mali: fundamentalism, women’s rights and cultural resistanceThis is one of the deepest crisis [10] that this country has faced since colonial times. We have been through the 1968 military coup against President Modibo Keïta, we went through the popular revolutions in the early 1990s, but it has never gotten to this level of instability. The military group that led the coup is from Kati, a military garrison town outside of the capital Bamako which had been used historically as a base for troops from all over West Africa. tags: Mali Womens_Rights
  • Greece’s Potato MovementIt appears to be one of the means Greeks use to resist poverty and unemployment imposed by the successive austerity packages. But the consequences of this social economy might be the foundation of a different society. tags: social_movements Greece OccupyMovement food
  • This phase of Igbo genocideFor Nigeria, the country at the focus of this roundtable, it is at once a failed and genocide state. It is to Jos, a city in its north central region, that we locate the start of the trajectory to its ‘failed state’ status. The year is not 2000 or 2001 or any other year in this last decade nor indeed in any of the three years of the current decade but 1945, 11 years before 1956 and 15 years before 1960 — the year of the ‘termination’ of the British occupation of the country. tags: genocide Nigeria Igbo Biafra
    • he continuing failure of the Nigerian state to protect the Igbo people from genocide deman
  • From anti-war to anti-imperialismSituated within the context of globalised European capitalist/imperialist hegemony, real world balance-of-forces considerations must always influence, if not guide, our political and even moral assessments and practical responses to conflicts and questions of war and peace. From this perspective, which is clearly a political perspective, questions of solidarity and political support must be guided by an assessment of how support either strengthens or weakens the geo-political hegemony of Western imperialism. tags: Anti-Imperialism Anti-War social_movements
  • I thus caught that colonial mindset at workA colonial mindset still pervades some intellectual critiques of social movements in post-apartheid South Africa. In differing degrees, post-apartheid social movements have learnt that disagreeing with those who see themselves as the intellectual revolutionary vanguard comes at a high cost. Owing to the legacy of the apartheid system, the intellectual revolutionary vanguard in South Africa tends to be educated middle class white activists who research and write about social movements for journals. In the academic/intellectual circles, it is this intellectual revolutionary vanguard that sets the tone and the perimeters of the debate regarding social movements in post-apartheid South Africa. tags: social_movements Colonialism SouthAfrica
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