Have you finished?

Have You Finished?   Steam rolled daily in a this daily roller coaster called life Not because of the natural essence of life, worthwhile… Not because of the appeasing plea unique enlightenment Not because of reproductive need, procreative futures Because the cultural  on you demand it? Is that all this is? Well, guess what? I’m not going to run along doing yours If you can’t ask a favour when done say, “thank you, I don’t Know where I’d be without you,” you fit out for size on me. “That will keep you busy for the day,” you said & I go from Partner, girlfriend, call it what you will to house maiden!” I watch you in silence I watch you good I watch you learning And fast too and aim. No harm meant. I can’t do you harm Just to tell you this: “if you want to ask a favour ask it, ok!” The steam of your impetuousness caught in your face. Good As long as you know, “I’ve stuff to be getting on with too!” As for marriage; sown in locked in kept in power scape home As for procreative demands; foraging on capitalist wings far As for all the culturally imposed stuff, call it entertainment… And the steam rolling tryst I’ll just say this, I’m a person too Next time meditate on this before you over do over do, ok? Do you want a  slap? Over-indulged obese and loud, what?  Me? But away away cowards never want their faced seen never. Have you? Have you? Marking me for dead, have you finished?   Mia Nikasimo (c) January 2012