Wikileaks’ Australia postbox to close for the love. of. god. what has wikileaks got that is inciting the entire world’s nation/states to completley shut it down like this? You can’t even deliver mail to them any more??? REALLY???? What has wiki leaks got on you, governments? What? What does this have to do with the promised bank releases????? In all my years alive through mulitple wars, including the war on terror (which btw has deployed similar tactics of criminalizing *funding* and shutting off access to banks), I have never seen the world’s governments so united. What the FUCK is going on????? (via radicallyhottoff) Everything. But I think—this is a .pdf by Assange.  It lays out what he intends to do:
To radically shift regime behavior we must think clearly and boldly for if we have learned anything, it is that regimes do not want to be changed. We must think beyond those who have gone before us and discover technological changes that embolden us with ways to act in which our forebears could not. We must understand the key generative structure of bad governance(1). We must develop a way of thinking about this structure that is strong enough to carry us through the mire of competing political moralities and into a position of clarity. Most importantly, we must use these insights to inspire within us and others a course of ennobling and effective action to replace the structures that lead to bad governance with something better.
It explains how he intends to do it:
Attacks on conspiratorial cognitive ability A man in chains knows he should have acted sooner for his ability to influence the actions of the state is near its end. To deal with powerful conspiratorial actions we must think ahead and attack the process that leads to them since the actions themselves can not be dealt with. We can deceive or blind a conspiracy by distorting or restricting the information available to it. We can reduce total conspiratorial power via unstructured attacks on links or through throttling and separating. A conspiracy sufficiently engaged in this manner is no longer able to comprehend its environment and plan robust action.
And then it would appear the problem is—he did it. (via ilykadamen) YES to everything Ilyka said. And beyond that, with cases like this it’s usually not just about what he’s got on ‘em, it’s what he represents. He’s modeling a use of new media technology which opens many doors to many dangerous developments. This is what the powers-that-be have feared about the intertubes all along, this kind of disruptive information clearance. This is what the net neutrality battle has always been about, preventing exactly these kinds of headaches. Frankly it doesn’t even matter so much at this point what happens to Assange and WikiLeaks, underground hackers around the world are studying what he has done and are creating new models derived from it. Nevertheless, imperial authorities must make it clear that such actions will be forcefully shut down, so that they can at least stem the tide for as long as possible and buy time to build up their defenses and their counterattacks. (via zuky)

PSSST. Want to share a secret? Here is the place to send it. But be quick. This postbox to contact WikiLeaks in Australia is about to shut down. Australia Post insists its sudden decision to close the University of Melbourne…