Nollywood: Nkiru

I have habitually shied away from Nollywood except when forced by by my niece who is an obsessive Nollier and must have the largest collection ever. Now I have an assignment to watch Nollywood movies. This is the first of many!

Nkiru, is 12 minute supernatural thriller premiering on the 18th December. Here’s the blurb

Nkiru is the captivating story of a group of friends who disappear from a beach party under mysterious circumstances. The film takes the audience into the supernatural world of the African mermaid mythology otherwise known as ‘mami-water’.

With a series of live screenings across the country planned for the New Year, audience and critics alike are set to be mesmerized by stellar performances by a crop of new and talented actors, including Nollywood newcomer KC Ejelonu.