Eulogy for David by his friend Lourence

This poem was written yesterday by one of David’s dearest friends and confidants, Lourence who asked me to publish it online.  It will be read today at the Vigil in New York by David’s comrades from SMUG, Frank Mugisha and Val Kalende.  With Lourence’s permission I also added a section from his email which speaks to the other David – the son, lover, uncle, brother, friend and mentor. 

Just thought it was important amidst the hype to remember not only was he a gay activist but a friend to many and a loving son to a mother who I know up to now her heart pains of the loss of her beloved son amidst all the hate and mockery by the religious bigots. A brother whose world suddenly feels lonely, the very many nephews and Nieces David took great care of and cherished not to mention people who looked up to him and shared more with him. I am not a good poet I must apologize though but just felt I would squeeze a thousands words into the few lines.


Ever felt the truth of hopelessness? 

A look through the window

An atrocious reminder of the pearls

This body that I don I no longer know

Swamped by endless sheds of streams 

These shades make me fumble and stumble

Ever felt the stare of the void?

Joy has grown faint in my heart

Peace has departed from my soul

Ever felt the pain of a vacuum?

The emptiness makes me cold

The memories though precious a sting

More than a treasured selfless warrior

Passion that transcended boundaries

Even through the darkest pains

A great Son, a loving brother, a caring Uncle

The light in many eyes, the hope of many dreams

Priceless faded rays of the lonely stars 

Wanders no one will ever know

Yet these days with him, and all I share.


With Love for David


Texas, USA.