What New World Order ?

What’s new there then? Every time the powerful dream of carnage They call it, “a new world order!” and the rest of us; Lambs to pots Lap it up double time with “Oh my God” condemnation of dissenters. Homage Africa, what’s new about our this wam-bam-thank-you plots?

Just this, Just this! The fact that over time it has became fashionable to Call, the name, ‘God’ in vain. How so? Bear with me. How do u reply, Respond when you come face to face with the uncanny? Offence? Homage Africa, I want you all; I want you all to know your mind’s sigh…

What new world order? Oh yes, is this Europe world without Africa? I don’t want to hark on about that duality. Oh, you mean homo hetero, Then? Yes, yes, what about the rest of us then? What, we don’t fit your Absurd self-narrative? ‘Besides,’ you said in spanglish. ‘I’m numero uno?’

Stop supplanting God’s name blind as bats with your fixed minds… When faced with lesbian daughters, gay sons, bisexual daughters or Sons; blind rage is no answer. How far into the past must we travel Homage Africa, anger won’t loosen tightened shackles or sooth sore!

I feel so sore right now, I feel so sore emotionally, Oh my God? When faced with transsexuals, intersexes, queers or question children You scream: “unnatural this, unnatural that, spreading cancerous fear. Homage Africa, stop spreading master norms; our land, our brethren

Migrant homo/hetero-nationalism came from the same soup exclusion; A mind in turmoil scurries for answers & as ever, ever misunderstand Our failings evoke, “Oh my God!” as if for peace out of complicit moons. Homage Africa, foreign religion, foreign approval; check your hand!

What world order makes your thrust right, ‘oh my God,’ righteousness?
When your meaning is, ‘What an affront to all you hold dear, dear?’ This new world order of yours is yours. Invisible shackles, invisible… Homage Africa, don’t prolong this torment; our conditioned minds, our fear.

Mia Nikasimo © October 2010