Would we see again, jacks? Ops, I meant Sylvia
We were going to build an empire together,
Weren’t we jacks, sorry Sylvia. Why Sylvia?
Sorry I meant Jacks, I meant Sylvia, sod that!
I never thought I seen again, Sylvia, darling?
I’ve even got your darlng bug right now…
Suddenly there you were in that film “Love &
Other Disasters” only they called you, “Jacks!”
I didn’t know you did a neat tango, Sylvia, darling?
You didn’t tell me you could; we’d have gone out
Somewhere? Sylvia darling, I thought your pitch,
Your pitch? You such a darling you’re so sweet!
Hey there again, Jacks!? Sylvia, fancy a tango?
And I don’t mean a fizzy drink, darling!
We serenaded each other in hearty laughter…
What, you can tango? You said in your usual way.
Yes I can… That’s why I knew we’d build an
Empire together in the Basque country, you & I…

Mia Nikasimo © October 2010.