A Prayer for Amy

Let’s close our eyes and pray for Amy, here!
We hope the Almighty God in heaven helps her see,
We are all adjusted, father help Amy, heavenly help,
We hope she becomes like your image, father?
Heavenly father this is for Amy your lost lamb,
Father it’s the way she looks at other girl’s father,
Father can Amin stop wearing all that make up?
Heaven father in your name we pray…

We hope for his safe deliverance from satan’s hands,
We are all accepting father and in your name we pray,
We hope we are able with your guidance to save her
From eternal damnation, father.

Heavenly whatever, this is you daughter Amy,
Heavenly, hopefully not earthbound minds haunting order,
Heavenly, heartily, heady; my name is Amy your daughter,
I am what I am and that’s all heavenly father.

Fancy seeing you here honey? Did your parents call you that?
You mean, “Heavenly? Yes, they did, I’ve grown to it. I’ve
Grown to me. Do you mind if I… I fancy you…
The feeling is mutual, Heavenly. Fancy getting a drink, sometime?

Mia Nikasimo © October 2010.