Love Football: Rap Against #FIFA 2010

The People’s Justice Center will be running a Fan Center and mixing up loving football with discussions on forthcoming “Apartheid Lawsuist” and other social justice issues.

The Khulumani Support group is currently undertaking the prosecution of 5 major corporations complicit in supporting the Apartheid Government of South Africa during the struggle. These same companies are current investors in the FIFA World Cup. This track is part of a Hip Hop compilation being released in June 2010 to create awareness around this apparent lack of justice.

Links: Fifa World Cup: Feel it, it is here (then shut up)

Shame on The Game – EWOK – mp3 by Creamy Ewok Baggends

Football Fables – Chasing the dream from West Africa to Europe. Documentary on the desperate need for football funding for young kids across Africa whose talent is not been fulfilled except for the few who are scouted and taken to Europe – FIFAGuilty