F-Word interview with Senzeni Marasela

South African political artist Senzeni Marasela uses art to examine her personal and collective memory. In this interview with the director of Deveron Arts, Claudia Zeiske, Marasela discusses her work on women’s self-perception and insecurities about their bodies and how these differ between women of colour and white women.

Women have insecurities about their bodies which lead to other things as well. But the circumstances of black women are very different because black women have suffered a double oppression, one from black males and the other from white males. This condition of being trapped between both worlds has resulted in the identity of black women shifting between these two worlds. Interestingly it has led to the formation of what I call the international look that combines all cultures……….Continue reading on the F-Word and photos by Jess McCabe here

Links to more work by Senzeni Marasela:
Threads of the Woven

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