One paragraph on the IWD & the celebration of heteronormativity.

Last Monday was International Women of Colour Day. Today is International Women’s Day. A month and a day ago was African Feminist Homophobia Day. Friday will mark Beijing +15 Day where hundreds of women will manage to spend 10 days talking about women but render Lesbians, Queer, Trans and Intersex women invisible. Our existence denied by silence even though at least 10% of those attending fall into one or more of these. I wonder how they felt, silenced and made invisible amongst so many of their sistas. Somewhere there are intersection points but ………..

Trying to address heteronormativity in an African continental context – where do I begin ? In my dream I am climbing a huge mountain which gets higher and higher each step I take as I fumble and fall, over and over again. How do I reach the summit, tear away the layers of rigidity, negotiate the oh so narrow paths of defined sexuality, avoid being squashed by the the huge boulders of patriarchy?

In the dawn of day my dream fades
the mountain shrinks and I am no longer alone.
I bend the rules
untie the strings
reshape ideas
choose my identities
release my desires
break the circle
and unlock the vagina monologue.