Minaret questions

“The peoples of Europe are welcoming and tolerant: it’s in their nature and in their culture. But they don’t want their way of life, their mode of thinking and their social relations distorted.”

French President NICOLAS SARKOZY, defending Switzerland’s ban on building minarets

That’s what president Nicolas Sarkozy said. I say: But the European will distort the way of life of others, won’t they? The mode of thinking of others, and the social relations of others. And that’s perfectly alright.

Who wants their shit distorted, anyway? Was the African happy when the European launched the colonisation campaign and cut Africa up?

Why is the European scared when Moslems build a prayer house? How many churches did the European erect outside his borders? Do you remember anyone complaining about the spires being too high, too dominating, too distorting. Or was that because even then, the European Christian had the firepower to extinguish any complaints?

The immigrant goes where life is easier and more accessible, when his own mode of existence has been compromised. The coloniser went to other places not because his mode of existence was in jeopardy, nor because life was easier there, but because he wanted to conquer and to exploit and to subdue. Full stop. And he did.

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