The Hatchet Job

EB is the hatchet job
If you don’t know better
You would mistake
EB for a goddess
When you are not looking
EB’ll stab you in the back

EB will laugh. “Cant you take a harmless joke?
You’re too sensitive, pet!
BD turns her back & EB
Pounces – the rabid cat:
“You know BD don’t you, the same BD? & smirks
BD didn’t miss a moment.
She approached the bar & caught EB’s reflection
A deer caught in the
Oppressive light of hatred
Thats homonormativity!
BD walked right up &
On EB’s lips planted a WET
wet & juicy kiss
“Saviour that for your pains!
BD left EB breathless

dramatis personae
EB -Eulij Blinde
BD -Beaver Diva