On ‘indecent women sexual behavior’

I am sure my title will incite a lot of reactions/comments..But I thought this is something good to share with the group. I came across this quotation while reading Creating GI Jane: Sexuality and Power in the Women’s Army Corp during WWII, where the author, Leisa D. Meyer cites two male soldiers’ perceived behavior of the female soldier they both slept with.

 “When women believe that happiness for themselves can be achieved without self-respect or the respect of men by participating equally with men in man’s seeming and foolish freedom from morals and by participating equally with man in all his lowest and worst characteristics and activities, then society will be taking a great backward step away from human happiness and welfare and away from mankind’s noble destiny of decency and fine living.” 

Trust me, I am on  both sides, but most inclined to agree with these males. I tend to believe that the so-called women “sexual liberation” as is today, brings more satisfaction to the male folk. I tend to believe women are more emotional (and that’s why we hold the world… and that physical behavior has a lot to do with male. Often times, it’s women who have mastered the ‘art of men’ who ‘dine’ with me…Condolezza Rice v. Larry Bush. I am not saying women cannot enjoy sex but I am not so sure about  women with multiple sexual partners. Call conservative on that.

Anyway, what’s your take on this?