where lies the resident evil

Today is the first year anniversary of Kym Platts’ blog “AskThisBlack Woman” – congrats to Kym but most of all from me personally thanks for your contribution to Black Looks and for having the courage to speak out for what you believe in.


Yesterday Kym posted a piece about a game called Resident Evil and over the three years I have been writing this blog I have never experienced such level of anger and and hateful set of comments including through the contact form. Kym has been called bitch, nigger, black hooker, whore in an attempt to intimidate her here on BL, on her own blog and also on other sites (Technorati has over 50 links on this post).

Kym was not the only one to comment on Resident Evil(the original Village Voice piece and microscopiq) but if you check their comments you wont find any abuse like the ones below but then they are not Black female …………………….

the owner of this blog is a rascist bitch

You stupid bitch

This is a game about Zombies set in Afric, did you expect the Zombies to be chinese? stupid fucking black hooker playing the race card as usual…

Get back into the cotton fields, you filthy nigger.


This is by far the best way to get exposure to your blog. I give you congratulations on being incredibly racist while preaching equality. Good job. Don’t be a little attention whore.

Doesnt take much of a brain to figure where the “resident evil” lies – Like Kym, the only game I play is the occasional solitaire on my pc and have no interest in playing video games of any kind however

given the response from gamers… I think we should all be very afraid. Many of these folks seem like the type who would try to reenact scenes from Resident Evil 5. Can you say Columbine?