Off the top of my head

Where does one find the time to
Take pictures
Write words
Pick up phone calls
Not lose friends
Find the answers
Ask the questions
Make some money take some courses fight a war remember God
Jump a fence believehopepray

Where do I find the time to
Find time to
Find time

Don’t tell me to make the time to
Keep time
Allocate time
Sleep in death
Do life simultaneously
Take a firm hold of the wispy ephemeral numbers that
Float in my head and tick on the face and blink on the display and
Ring at 6am reset at 12am
Talk in my sleep and sleep when I’m talking and keep time that belongs to
The absurdity of our futile appropriation of something we might belong to
This thing that will enslave us unless we can make it inconsequential with
Bits and bytes and digital control of a people world and where
Will I find the time to
For once ignore time?

©Annette Quarcoopome