Faking Africa & stories of vanity

Ricky Gervais on faking it and dying after listening to a U2 cassette in Kibera, Nairobi (thanks Annwen)

and just in case it was missed – Bozo on himself in his latest “African Adventure”. Funnily enough it’s called “Vanity Fair”.

which apparently includes a pull-out supplement on uber-expensive jewellery titled: ‘Fire and Ice: 72 pages of ravishing rocks, ginormous gems and fancy fripperies’ (20). The jokes write themselves.

Videos aside, Joshua from African Path sent me this article from Spiked “Welcome to the People’s Republic of Bono: The G8 should change its name to the G9. Because if this year’s summit in Heiligendamm, Germany was anything to go by, there’s a new member of the pack.”

Bozo holding court with world leaders to hammer out what is good / bad for Africa

Bono had an extraordinary amount of influence at the summit. And it wasn’t simply a case of greying world leaders wanting to be photographed with ‘rock royalty’ in an attempt to make themselves look with it and cool, as some reports claimed (not realising that Bono is as uncool as it gets) (5). In fact, Bono held serious meetings with US president George W Bush, German chancellor Angela Merkel, new French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian PM Romano Prodi. According to reports, these were ‘tough meetings’ at which Bono and his people ‘rowed’ with world leaders over strategy, aid and their commitment to Africa (6).

What concerns me is the slavish endorsement of this man. Why are our leaders some of whom were present at this summit (Mbeki and Meles and 3 others ??? Shame but Euros love them even if we know better. But who are we? Just a bunch of African citizens) are silent or at least the media are not reporting that they spoke. Come to think of it what would Meles say? “give me more guns so I can terrorize my people even more or better still extend my role as a US lackey and invade Zimbabwe”? Or Mbkei could shout “I gave you BEE – what more do you want? that all of your have jobs and houses? that the white farmers still own all the land so what?” Either way the emphasis is on these two rock stars with diamond studs + a bunch of grey suits talking about us as if we are children – worse actually talking about us in our presence as if we are not there. Spiked quotes some of the media reports

Bono’s view of G8 dominated much of the news coverage, with serious media outlets running headlines such as: ‘U2’s Bono: G8 Not Keeping Money Promises To Africa’; ‘G8 Africa Pledge Is A Smokescreen, Says Bono’; ‘G8 Reaffirms Aid To Africa; Bono, Geldof Say It’s Old Money’ (14). Not only did Bono have ‘numerous sources’ reportedly agitating at the summit table; not only did he apparently influence the position of various states during ‘very, very tense meetings’; he also set himself up as the public moral arbiter of the G8’s achievements and

The mere fact that this man has more power to speak for Africa than our own leaders should seriously concern Africans especially as in 10 days the AU meeting to discuss the United States of Africa (USA – maybe there is some meaning in that a possible union of African states also ends up as USA) will take place over two weeks in Accra. Will Bozo who has superseded BobG as THE AFRICAN SPOKESPERSON be invited to advise us on how to form our union?

Sad thing is that a glossy magazine that is not even read by the regular Black population of the US of A let alone those of us outside the metropolis of capitalist consumerism is falling over itself over a few glossy photos of Africa that bears no relation to any reality. Ululating in orgasmic ecstasy over one white man who has the damn arrogance to speak for them. Malcolm X asked “What will they give us in 1965” Well in 2007 they have given us one white man and one race neutered black man – some damn progress!

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