African Palestinians

While doing research on coalition building between Palestinians and Black folks, I came across this interesting online photo exhibition entitled “African Palestinians.”

check it out

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4 thoughts on “African Palestinians”

  1. Kameelah@ I just read about the African Palestinians in Kwesi Kwaa Prah’s “Reflections on Arab-Led Slavery of Africans”. The Africans are descendents of slaves sold to the Bedouins of the Negev in what was Palestine before the Israel’s took over and called the land Israel. According to Prah’s book, there is some collective memory though not much. Most who did have some memory mentioned Sudan and Ethiopia as their possible origin. Slavery was active under the Ottoman rule but collapsed under Israel as every non-Israel / Jewish citizen became refugees and the Bedouin of the Negev became displaced. There is a huge amount of history here and I cannot do it justice in this comment so anyone interested I suggest they read the book.

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