Mass March in Solidarity with Zimbabwe

today there was a mass march in johannesburg (from library gardens to the zimbabwe consulate) in solidarity with the folks in zimbabwe and against mugabe. it was an intense day. i was a bit annoyed with all the talk of the need to try “inclusive dialogue”… inclusive dialogue between whom? mugabe just kills off his opposition–he is not trying to have any kind of conversations. how inclusive can a meeting of state leaders be? furthermore, the leadership in SADC has already proven to be non-responsive to the needs of their people and the demands from mass movements so why should we depend on them to come to some viable solution? we all know how “inclusive” these dialogues will be for civil society. all this talk of dialogue is creating a protracted drama played out on the international stage and it shamelessly panders to further destruction and mugabe’s hagiography. we are at the moment of mass movement.

when we arrived at the zimbabwe consulate the person who was supposed to accept our memorandum refused to come out so he sent out one of his other folks. this dude was arrogant, but if you looked closely you could see the arrogant, stoic attitude was hiding some serious fear. i managed to push past the people with their big cameras and forced my little camera into the crowd and got some pictures of this guy. he never said a word. not a damn word. as he was leaving the stage someone threw some zim dollars at him which i quickly picked up–not because they are worth anything because inflation is damn near 1700%, but because they are in memory of this day which i think is extremely important. even with the police surrounding him and others pushing marchers off the platform, the zim consulate representation was still rushed by a few eager marchers. these marchers were pushed and blocked by the police officers. one nearly pushed me, but i managed to make eye contact and he just shoo-ed me away.

i’ve posted some photos here. please look at the photos of the construction workers. during their lunch break many watched and joined in with the singing. some of my favorites photos: