i define this: patriarchy

1: the system of…i have a penis therefore i have dominion over you, and you will enjoy every single power-ego thrust, you will squirm with joy at every penetration and incremental encroachment on your agency, you will participate in your own ritualistic death, you will not question any of this.

2: if you can’t see me, find me hiding behind the the cloak of tradition, nestled comfortably in federal policies, on a table top making sweet gushy-nasty love to racism&capitalism–giving birth to ugly bastard children roaming in search of an opportunity for destruction.

3: the system of…’no’ really means ‘yes’

next in ‘idefinethisproject'(*): racism

*because silence is not an option. because cheryl wright said ‘i like fighting with my words. my words whoop people’s asses many a day before i have to use my fists.’ and audre lorde said ‘what are the words you don’t yet have? what do you need to say? what are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, in silence? and me’shell ndego’ocello asked ‘after a half a century of post-colonialism and swallowing the bullshit that we have been fed, the question is: how are we gonna spit it out?’ because swallowing&consuming bullshit all your life is a bad for your health.

join the idefinethisproject.


1. define ‘system of oppression/repression’ (for the first project just ‘patriarchy’)
2. develop a plan of action or just a tip on how to resist this system
2. send you definition(s)&plan of action-(as text or image) to: idefinethis@gmail.com, find more details at kameelahwrites (send name & location if you want it published)
3. i will make a nice pdf ‘zine and email blast it
4. folks can use it as a teaching tool for youth in their community, as a radical dictionary for your classroom, a guidebook for resistance, etc.

we must let folks know that patriarchy, racism etc. isn’t some far off technical&academic concept, lets bring it down to earth and create a people’s dictionary… its something real and close to home, maybe even within us.

and on the note of within us…this is something i wrote last decemeber:

so we have these violent technologies of capitalism, patriarchy, racism, rape, dispossession, etc. they have become so normalized that we become participants in our own death (real and metaphorically) by unconsciously consuming/swallowing destructive practices. not only do we consume-become participants in-we also reproduce these violent technologies.

so we’ve done the nasty with that which causes our own destruction (violent technologies). it’s the morning after and we are sitting there looking pitiful and abandoned. yes, our destruction didn’t even stick around to cuddle. we knew that that there is no such thing as a loving relationship with patriarchy and that we should have written that hate letter a long time ago. we knew that when we surrendered to this relationship, we would never exit that violent landscape without a few scars and some latent self-hatred. we all engage in (unconscious/sometimes lucid) secret love affairs by affirming forms of patriarchy or re-ifying prejudice. why do we continue with that which eats away at our subjectivity&agency? maybe it feels good in the moment?

how do we break free of conceptual incarcerations as well as corporeal incarcerations. how do we recover from decades (and even centuries) of re-affirming violent politics to practice loving and productive relationships that will hopefully expand to collective politics? how do we resist? how do we find alternatives to capitalism? a world without patriarchy? without racism? without dispossession? without all the crap that makes me scared to bring my little dread locked vegan kids into this world. how to we envision ‘somewhere in advance of nowhere’-jayne cortez?

i hope i am making sense. i am writing and hoping it will grow more clear as i write, but maybe i am just burying readers into deeper confusion. there are those forms of subjugation that are forced onto us…then there is when we internalize/consume these subjugations…then there is when we reproduce these politics in our communities. i am asking about those moments of personal resistance against our inner poisons. i guess i am asking about my own jihad. how do i struggle each day to not engage in my own destruction–to spit out my internalized subjugations. i guess this is when the politics of ‘spit or swallow’ come into play.

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