Flying over mountains

It’s cold up here but it’s quiet & divine -  back in a while.


7 thoughts on “Flying over mountains”

  1. Hi,

    Just listened to your interview on BBC Radio 5 Live about KBW and other bloggers too and thought it was cool!

    This is really cool blog too!


  2. hey . i’ve been the worst blogger ever. ive procrastinated getting in touch with you about the inter. womens’ day posting… i was interested.. then got so swamped..unnecessarily and its only now that im beginning to get my bearing..thank you for thinking of me. and i should add..i never bought that right finger ring *s*

  3. Watchout for avalanches up there at this time of year. It’s a little risky to be hiking around in the Alps this late in March with the temperature hovering around 20 degrees Celsius. Or is that the Pyrenees we’re looking at here?

    What interview on BBC Radio? Where can we find this online radio interview? Nobody ever tells me nothin until it is too late!

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