Children sold into slavery found

67 children between the ages of 14 and 1 have been  found by police in Lagos.   A suspected trafficker claims the children, who are believed to be from Niger State in the north of the country, their parents consented to them being used as servants.   According to the report, the police are checking to see if the parents did actually consent to them being used as servants (domestic slaves) and would receive a fee after one years work.

"What we have established so far is human trafficking. These children were stacked in an unventilated container all the way from Niger State."

Last month 4 traffickers were arrested in Lagos State for selling babies for $1800 each.  Two local hospitals and an orphanage were also involved in the crime by arranging for adoption papers. 

According to Mrs. Ajikunle, there was an effective channel of female
trafficking, which was the live-wire of the orphanage. She told the
government’s committee, headed by Mr. A.M. Balogun, that one lady
called Blessing was one of the agents responsible for the trafficking
of teenage pregnant ladies mostly from the Eastern parts of the country
to the orphanage. Contrary to the supposition that the teenagers went
to the orphanage on their own volition, it was revealed that most of
them were lured to the Home, with a promise that they would be given
the sum of between N25,000.00 and N30,000.00, if they surrendered their
‘unwanted babies’ to the orphanage.

A youth center also collaborated with the orphanage and a local police station which included monetary payments between the three.   The police investigation found that a senior policewoman acted as the link between the orphanage and prospective illegal adopters.  Sunday Punch/Nigeriaworld