Son of Milk Snatcher arrested in Cape Town


Mark Thatcher’s (son of former British PM and ogre Margaret Thatcher) arrest in Cape Town for allegedly helping in the plot to overthrow the Equatorial Guinean government, is the latest twist in this sad saga.    About 70  the group of  mercenaries involved in the coup attempt are presently on trial in Zimbabwe whilst a further 15 are in EG..Mail & Guardina online

So it seems that Mark Thatcher’s slimey underworld life of arms dealing and who knows what else has caught up with him.   When he was arrested he was on his way to resettle in the US (Texas) his bags packed, cars sold, house on the market and wife and kids flights booked.  The story is quite complicated with Thatcher being linked in various ways to other coup plotters including his best friend one Simon Mann ex SAS officer and mercenary and one Neil Steyl a former pilot for mercenary group called  Executive Outcomes

Reading the various news reports, this  coup was different in that it was not an "internal" group employing the services of mercenaries to overthrow a government but  according to the Straits Times  the coup was planned  "by old Etonians and other members of the British elite in an attempt to get a share of the country’s petrodollars.

The plan: Send in a motley crew of European, Asian and African mercenaries to force out the oil-rich ruler of one of the world’s most corrupt regimes and put a more malleable figure in his place.

The prize: Deals with Africa’s third-largest oil producer and the hundreds of millions of dollars it earns annually from a West African petroleum boom that has given this nation of 500,000 the world’s fastest-growing economy.

Thatcher is accused of being the money man behind the coup attempt along with bag man Elie Khalil.